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Belief of Satyanarayan Puja

Belief of Satyanarayan Puja

Satyanarayan puja and vratanusthana is usually narrated in Skandapuana. This puja is performed in the evening to welcome good omen to the household and improve health of family members. It is also marked as a puja for fulfilment of heartfelt desires.

Satyanarayan puja is done in reverence to Lord Satyanarayan – a form of Lord Mahavishnu. In this form, the lord is considered to become the embodiment of truth. The puja is a ritual performed to make sure that abundance, prosperity, general happiness as well as wellbeing prevails in the family. The most vital offering to the lord during this puja is the apada nivedya, which is basically a sweet treat made of sugar, wheat rava, kadali banana, cow’s milk and ghee.

The belief of Satyanarayan puja started several thousand years ago. In the earlier times of Kalyug, a poor Brahmin boy having faith on God despite poverty was wandering in search of food. It was then that the Lord Satyanarayan appeared before the poor boy, in disguise of an aged person, and the story began. This is believed to be the Satyanarayan katha, which is read out to devotees as a part of the ritual. The belief is still strong and worshipped.