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Lord Vishnu

About Lord Vishnu

According to the Hindu tales, Lord Vishnu is considered as a God of the world. The tale talks about the 2 faces of Lord. In one hand the God is shown as quiet, pleasant and gentle. But in the second face the God is very dangerous where he is shown in the posture of Kalswarup Sheshnag, who is a King of Snakes.

Lord Vishnu means the giver and provider of everything. He is the preserver and upholder of Hindu Dharma. He resides in the milky waters of Vaikunth on a bed made of coils of thousand hooded large snakes. The Goddess Lakshmi his wife attend upon him. The ocean stands for consciousness and bliss, the snake for time, diversity, desire and illusion and Goddess Lakshmi is for the material things and powers of creation.

Color of Lord Vishnu:

The color of the God Vishnu - dark blue cloud which is the color of the sky. The color denotes his cosmic dimensions and connection of Vedic Gods like rain, thunder and relationship of the earth. The Lord is portrayed with one face, four arms and usually in standing or resting posture. The God wears a necklace which is made up of famous Kaustubha Gem. It rests on his left chest and another garland of flowers and gems named as Vaijayanti.

Lord Vishnu named as Narayan:

The Lord Vishnu’s first and foremost devotee is “Narad” who chants only one name - Narayan. From that time the Lord is called as Narayan like Satyanarayan, Dhruvnaryan, Ananthanarayan, Lakshminarayan and Sehshnarayan. Many people know about the Lord Vishnu, but they don’t know the secret behind it. As per the tale, water was born from the feet of Lord Vishnu. The river Ganges - Vishnupadodki which has come from the feet of God. And also water is known as Neer or Nar and even God also stays in the water. So, from “Nar” the name Narayan is formed which means God who lives inside the water.

Incarnations of Vishnu:

The God has incarnated in human form on the earth to restore Dharma, to punish the evil and protect the righteous. Generally, all incarnations of God are associated with Vishnu, because he is the preserver of the world. The most important Vishnu avatars are listed below:

1. Matsya:

The God Vishnu in Matsya or Fish avatar saved the saint Vaivaswata.

2. Kurma or Koorma:

Koorma or Tortoise which supports the churn of the ocean to obtain treasures dissolved in the ocean of milk.

3. Varaha or The Boar:

In this avatar, the God killed the demon Hiranyaksha. He recovered the stolen Veda’s and released the earth from the bottom of the ocean.

4. Narasingha or Lion Avatar:

In this avatar, the God was half lion and half man. He killed the demon Hiranyashasipu, brother of Niranyaksha and also gained the boon of immunity from attacks by man.

5. Vamana or Dwarf Avatar:

Lord Vishnu killed the demon King Mahabali (Maveli or Bali) and gained control over the Earth and chased other Gods from the heavens. This Vamana avatar was occurred in Treta Yuga, long before the event of Ramayana. This is the first avatar of Vishnu appeared in a complete human form.

6. Parasurama:

Parasurama – the angry man who turns his violence to kill unrighteous kings and unchaste women. In this avatar the God Vishnu killed the King Kartavirya who had stolen the holy cow Kamadhenu which would grant all desires.

7. Ram:

In this avatar, God Vishnu killed the demon King Ravana and brought Sita.

8. Krishna:

In this avatar, the God killed Kansa who was the son of demon (King of Mathura). And this avatar was appeared in Dwapara Yuga.

9. Buddha:

God Vishnu incarnated to remove suffering from the world. Hindus may oppose to see Buddha as a Vishnu incarnation. At the same time, many Hindus embrace Buddha and worshipped him both in Buddhist temples as well as in Hindu temples.

10. Kalki:

At the end of Kaliyuga –God Vishnu would appear on the Earth as a human being. And sits on a white horse as a Kalki.

The God Vishnu also called as Hari. According to the scriptures, the name Hari means remover. The God Vishnu who removes sin and problems from one’s life.