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About Us

Society for the Confluence of Festivals in India (SCFI) has launched its new initiative,, with the objective to foster knowledge about Satyanarayan Puja. SCFI endeavours creating value for the Indian society, spreading the knowledge of beauty, wisdom and grace embodied in different festivals and rituals in the country. We strive to introduce unique traditions and customs of festivals and spirituality in India, thus, highlighting and preserving the country’s rich cultural heritage.

The stupendous diversity of religious traditions and beliefs in India is beautifully projected through innumerable Pujas that are performed to worship the Almighty or to spiritually celebrate an occasion. SCFI seeks to promote and conserve knowledge of India’s unique cultural treasure amongst our citizens through varied expositions that highlights the excellence of each tradition, rituals, philosophy and mythology of Pujas and festivals, facilitating awareness of subtle values.

Satyanarayan Puja is performed to seek divine blessings of Lord Vishnu, the Almighty who is responsible for preserving this Universe. It is believed that one who performs this Puja will be bestowed with happiness, prosperity and well being. Satyanarayan Puja is generally performed before initiating any auspicious occasion, on achievement of a milestone, or to fulfil a desire. It is a popular religious tradition in most part of India, including Karnataka, Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Orissa and Goa.

In this website, dedicated to Satyanarayan Puja, SCFI portrays diverse facets associated with this popular ritual. We have made an endeavour to discover the history of Satyanarayan Puja, popular beliefs, significance and benefits of this Puja. For people who are performing the Puja for the first time, we have also gone in-depth to bring to you the procedures of the Puja, preparation, Puja items, rituals and much more. Thus, with this website, SCFI aims to provide comprehensive information about everything related to Satyanarayan Puja.

Though there is no hard and fast rule as to when Satyanarayan Puja has to be performed, it is important that you consult a purohit (priest) to know the auspicious day to perform the Puja. It can be performed in the morning or evening, depending on the auspicious time of the day. In some parts of India, the religious event is accompanied with dance, music, song, etc. The homely Puja often takes the form of a social festival, where people invite their relatives and friends, and the ritual ends with good food and celebration.

SCFI envisions nurturing the sentiments, joys and values associated with Satyanarayan Puja. Therefore, we provide valuable information pertaining to Sri Satyanarayan Swami Katha, Puja aarti mantra, famous temples of Satyanarayan Swami and about Lord Vishnu. We hope our endeavour will prove most beneficial to all devotees of Sri Satyanarayan or people who want to perform the Puja at their home or office.